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Simply Superlative yet Affordable Survey Management Software

Survey Builder

  • Besides name you can upload “Brand Image” for the survey to be displayed on each page of the survey
  • Custom "Thank You" message you can set for your survey, to be displayed at the end of the survey
  • Unlimited questions allowed in a survey, if you wish that would help in making survey more effective
  • Limit number of responses, if you are not interested in quantity
  • Easily reorder the questions
  • Allow "Guest" to respond anonymously, if you wish to collect responses from non-registered users
  • Allow only "Registered" users to respond with authenticated credentials

Question Types

  • Multi-line text area for answer to include more than one line of text
  • Radio button question to limit respondent to pick only one answer
  • Drop down list gives respondent ONE choice from a list
  • Checkbox question useful when answer could be 'all that apply'
  • Facility to provide a text response by selecting "Other, please specify" option
  • Questions can be skipped if not marked as "Required"
  • "Required" questions needs to be answered compulsorily before responder can move to next question

Survey Execution

  • Template email for easy Invitation
  • Participation link already included in email invite
  • Survey can be responded from iPhone, iPad or Web browser
  • Survey, if responded from iPhone or iPad, responder photo can be submitted optionally

Survey Reports

  • Get response overview as visual graphs to provide quick read
  • Get individual question response count visually in graph
  • Date wise response count as a line graph
  • More reports to come and custom reports can be provided on demand

Demonstrates ease and efficiency

Why to choose fastsurveyapp

Since it delivers, commitment to quality  in product as well as services.

Why to choose us
Our tools and service structure evolved from real needs – identified through personal, hands-on, survey management experience.


Our purpose is to help survey managers reduce costs, improve productivity, and be more profitable by offering the best survey management software on the market today.

We are privately funded, do not rely on venture capital, operate on a continuously profitable basis – maintaining all operations and product development with current revenues.

Our success, good business practices and great software products have earned us numerous honours.

We shown consistent success and growth since the company was founded a decade ago. Our survey management tools now are used by organizations of practically every size, scope, and industry.


FastSurveyApp being superior doesn't mean being expensive, its quite cost effective. Like our technology, our pricing is designed to be simple and flexible.
We will provide a competitive price quote for your custom requirements, starting from as low as USD 10 per attendee!
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We provide survey planners a powerful web-based software and services that help increase their proficiency. Our clients also realize improved productivity in back office processes and easier communication with their attendees and exhibitors.